We at DetangleSyntheticWigs.com try to make it as easy as possible for you, our customers, to learn how to straighten and detangle all types of synthetic wigs. We also do our best to provide all products neccessary, as well as information on some leading causes of hairloss that require wigs for extended use.

The effectiveness of our products and methods, which are all available in the Products section, is shown through example (at right) from one of our treasured customers.

The photos are of a Rene of Paris Shiloh was worn daily for 22 months. She even slept in it on weekends! She kept tangles out using a hot styling brush while keeping the heat in the safe but effective heat zone. She parted the wig on the left side (photo second to the right) until the wig lost too much hair, then she changed the part to the right, (photo second to the left) to cover the thin area. We see this kind of wig longetivity from many of our alopecia clients.

Wig maker's instructions always stress that a wig owner use only cool water when shampooing and never use hot styling tools for human hair on a synthetic wig. The wig companies stress COOL water because some wig owners do not determine what temperature water WARM water is. Our kit includes a digital thermometer and directions on how to use it to style a synthetic wig. Warm water helps the shampoo clean better and the final rinse much better. Warm styling tools actually used correctly will act almost like a conditioner.

Synthetic wigs have always seemed a mystery to those who wear them. The common knowledge has always been to keep the synthetic wig away from anything warmer than body temperature, and to never use hot styling apliances made for human hair. However, with the proper styling techniques, correct amount of heat and use of the Reclaiming Spray, synthetic hair can be almost completely renewed, detangled, and de-frizzed.

Collar length and longer synthetic hair will always tangle or frizz because of the friction of the hair rubbing on the skin or clothing. The more active the lifestyle, the more the wig will tangle. The hair gets more tangles when you wear wool than when you wear silk or leather. Less friction equals fewer tangles. If you keep the tangles out of the wig regularly it will stay looking great for many months!

The staff at DetangleSyntheticWigs.com has experimented with and researched synthetic hair properties for years and has assembled a first of its kind detangling kit. The Detangle Kit contains directions for use, a styling tool, a revolutionary conditioner, a digital thermometer, and a devise to store your wig while keeping your wig full in the top and sides..

This brown wig was brought in by a 65 to 70 year old woman who had worn it for a long time and could not admit that it was ‘used up’. We decided to experiment because we had never worked on a wig that was this badly worn.

We worked with the Reclaiming Spray and Hot Styling Brush for 25 to 30 minutes to remove the tangles. We were very surprised that the two products had even returned the sheen.